Art and Experience‘Kitchen Dreams’ directed by Arvin Medghalchi has been invited to Marseille Film Festival to be screened in an international event for the first time.

In its first international presence Iranian animation ‘kitchen Dreams’ directed by Arvin Medghalchi will be screened at 28th edition of Marseille Film Festival. The film has been selected for the short film section of the festival.

Stop-Motion technique is the dominant technique used in ‘kitchen Dreams’.To make this film with Stop-Motion technique more than fifty thousand photo frames have been captured.

Before ‘kitchen Dreams’ Medghalchi had made ‘Omid’ using the same technique. ‘Omid’ has taken part in more than 30 International Film Festivals and has succeeded to receive awards from different animation and short film festivals.

Marseille International Film Festival is a documentary film festival held yearly since 1989 in Marseille, France. The festival awards grand prizes in international and national categories.

The 28th edition of Marseille International Film Festival has been slated for July 11-17, 2017 in Marseille, France.