Art and ExperienceIranian film director Mansour Forouzesh has created a new film titled ‘Into the Bahangar’ featuring one of Iran’s marvelous villages.

The 30-minute documentary that features the village of Bahangar is currently at the editing stage with shooting starting a year ago.

Produced by Mohsen Kachouei, the film tries to put together the historical and natural history of Bahangar, a remote place in Iran.

Bahangar is a village in Razavi-Khorasan Province, with its natural attractions still in the dark.

Mansour Forouzesh is an Iranian independent filmmaker who has produced and directed several fiction short films, including ‘Black Silence’ (7min, 2005), ‘Far from Me, Closer to You’ (8 min, 2009), ‘The Man Who Thought’ (7 min, 2011), ‘The Hose’ (15 min, 2014), ‘A Few Knots Away’ (18 min, 2017).

The director served as jury member of several cinematic events, including 26th International Fajr Film Festival (2009) and 5th International Malta Short Film Festival (2013).