Art and Experience: Mamiroo is the second cooperation of Mohaghegh brothers, which narrated the story of an old man Ayaz, a lonely isolated man and his difficult life. Now after passing a horrible happening in his life he lives with his grandson and counts himself as the cause of everything. In 2012, name of Hadi Mohaghegh was announced as one of the first-film directors in New Look section of the festival with “He Stones Good”. He made Mamiroo after that film and presence of Majid Barzegar as the producer of the film and its international success, cause that we are curious about watching it. Maybe the reason of its success is the loyalty of Mohaghegh to his hometown Kohkilouyeh and Boyer Ahmad; the land that he knows its geography very well. Even the name of the film is a word that means “Eternal”. Don’t be afraid of the accent of Mamiroo, Mamiroo is one of the film which has the rarest dialogues and all of its dialogues do not reach to ten ones.

The fascinating point is that the filmmaker told that he has chosen this structure for narrating a classic story based on climax and relief. It means that we face to story not one of those films which their unfamiliar structure supposed to justify or condense the shortage of narrative and script. Filmmaker of the film just thought of Art and Experience Cinematic Group from the very early process in pre-production time.


Writer and Director: Hadi Mohaghegh, Director of Photography: Rouzbeh Rayga, Edit: Majid Barzegar, Set and Costume Designer: Hossein Ghezelbash, Make-Up: Pedram Zargar, Sound Recorder: Ali Edalat Doust, Sound Mixer and Designer: Arash Ghassemi, Co- Writer: Saber Mohammadi, Produce Manager: Seyed Abolhassan Samimi Doust and Hamed Gholami, First Director Assistant and Programmer: Hadi Dibaji, Continuity: Azadeh Firouzbakht, Visual Effects: Farid Nazer Fasihi, Photographer: Saeedeh Shariatipour, Public Relations: Ardavan Zaynisough, Cast: Yadollah Shademani, Maysam Farhoumand, Parisa Vaseli, Mahyar Ab Ravan, Manouchehr Ashkouyi, Tolou Jahanbazi, Producer: Seyed Reza Mohaghegh.