Art and ExperienceMajid Majidi’s biopic ‘Muhammad: The Messenger of God’ was screened to a warm reception in the first Slemani International Film Festival in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Majidi’s biopic ‘Muhammed: The Messenger of God’, was screened to enthusiastic audience among whom were also present representative of Iran cinema Malik Hashmi, the Director of Iran art in Slemani, and some other VIP guests of Iran consulate in the city, as well as Abdul Hama Juan, the head of the board of the first Slemani IFF. Famous actor of film and theatre in Kurdistan region, Sarbast Rasool, the university lecturer and doctorate degree holder in cinema and the jury president of the festival, Shwan Atoof, a famous film and actor and director, Peshraw Hussein, Kurdish actor and director, Adnan Osman, Cinema director, Soran Naqishbandi, a very good Kurdish photographer, and some other cinematic individuals of Iran as well as Arab cinema individuals also sat at the screening of the film.

The film was screened in the first Slemani IFF, in the Salim cinema, in the heart of Slemani in Kurdistan region, and it was warmly welcomed by Kurdish and other foreign cinematic individuals, as well as by the managers and festival team and the audience.

The first Slemani IFF has been organized by the Masti Film company, which is a film production company, with the ownership of Fuad Jalal, the festival manager, and the artisticdirector Danar Omar.

52 international short and feature films in two competition categories of World Cinema and Kurdish Cinema from 30 different countries worldwide including France, Iran, Turkey, Finland, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Canada, Argentina, United States, Sweden, Slovenia, Iceland, Iraq, Russia, Ukraine, China, Japan, Belgium, Italia, Norway, Portugal, India and Kurdistan were screened at the event.

Professional Cinema workshops and many scientific and academic debates, seminars and panels were also held at the University of Slemani in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.