Art and Experience: The renowned Iranian filmmakers Majid Majidi and Ahmadreza Darvish have been selected for the jury of the official competition of the 14th International Resistance Film Festival.

Majidi is the director of the Oscar-nominated feature “Children of Heaven”. “Muhammad (S), the Messenger of God”, Majidi’s epic about the Prophet of Islam, was Iran’s submission to the 88th Academy Awards competing in the best foreign language film category in 2016.

Darvish is director of “Hussein, Who Said No”, the controversial religious drama about the uprising of Imam Hussein (AS) against the Umayyad dynasty in 680 CE, which was banned in Iran following protests by some top clerics and certain people over its depiction of some Shia saints.

Several filmmakers from other countries will also join the jury, the organizers announced on Monday.

The International Resistance Film Festival will be held in Tehran from September 23 to 30, during the Sacred Defense Week to commemorate the anniversary of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war.