Art and Experience: Iran’s Oscar-nominated filmmaker Majid Majidi has announced his readiness to make a film on the Chinese people’s struggle against coronavirus, which has so far claimed over 200 lives in the country.

“I know you are going through very hard days and moments,” Majid wrote in a letter sent to the Persian service of the China International Radio.

“I must tell you that the hearts of the people of the world and especially the Iranian people are with you. I have been thinking of you and the innocent children of China every moment,” he added.

“I am sure that you, the great people of China, will overcome this big catastrophe as you have already proved over history that you are hardworking people. You will return hope and life back to China and I wish you all health and success,” he noted.

The virus is believed to have originated late last year in a food market in the Chinese city of Wuhan that was illegally selling wildlife. Health experts think it may have originated in bats and then passed to humans, possibly via another species.

Source: Tehrantimes