Art and ExperienceTwo Iranian films have been set to compete at the Calgary International Film Festival in Canada.

Alireza Qasemi’s ‘Lunch Time’ and ‘Retouch’ by Kaveh Mazaheri are to compete at the 18th edition of the Canadian event.

This would be the tenth presence of ‘Retouch’ and the seventh attendance of ‘Lunch Time’ at the festivals approved by the Academy Awards.

The 15-minute ‘Retouch’ is about a high school girl who attends a hospital to identify her mother’s dead body. The people in charge at the hospital would not let her into the morgue because of her young age.

Produced by the Iranian Young Cinema Society, ‘Retouch’ is about a young woman whose husband dies before her eyes and she just observes the tragic scene.

The Calgary International Film Festival (Calgary Film) is a film festival held annually in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for twelve days in late September and early October.

The festival began in 2000 with the premiere event being a screening of the locally produced film Waydowntown.

Growing steadily over the years, in 2016 the festival welcomed 36,693 people to 211 features, shorts, and other industry productions.

The 18th edition of Calgary Film will be held from September 20 to October 1, 2017.

Source: ifilmtv