Art and Experience: We’re nearing a decade since Lucrecia Martel took our heads off with, uh, “The Headless Woman” and we’ve been patiently awaiting her next feature. And while the intervening years has seen the filmmaker busy on shorts and other projects, and a new feature has always seemed like an illusion, and even “Zama” is one that has been through a delay or two. Well, it’s finally coming and it looks like it’ll be worth the wait.

Produced by Pedro Almodovar, and starring Daniel Giménez Cacho, the film is based on Argentine writer Antonio di Benedetto‘s 1956 novel that’s set in an unnamed Latin American country in 1790, and follows Don Diego de Zama, an official for the Spanish crown on his way to Buenos Aires. We’re eager for this one, but before you start making Palme d’Or predictions take note: the film is already disqualified from playing in Competition, because Almodovar will be chair the Jury this year. So this likely means that if it goes the Croisette, it’ll be in a sidebar.

No release dates or distributor information just yet, but consider this high on our must-see list of the year.

Source: theplaylist