Art and Experience: After “Cancer” (which is not still seen) “Bench-Cinema” is the second work of the famous Iranian theatre director and writer Mohammad Rahmanian. This is a cinematic-theatrical work that after watching it, you like to put off your hat in respect of the artist and bow to him; in respect of such an artist that makes love with borrowing some dialogues and sentences of the films of history of cinema in creating a comprehensive text and acts of powerful actors. I think this is the characteristics of a theatre director who comes to cinema like “Ali Rafeie” who made a full romance in “Fish Fall in Love” that you could draw the picture of the world for all season more beautiful than previous with it. In an interview, Rahmanian informed that the main idea of making Bench-Cinema came from censorship in 80s and the time of banning the video-player device in Iran. the story also has proved his words but this is just an excuse to shape the story and put the characters in such situations to grow, blossom and show their love. I said love. It seems that this is the main excuse of making Bench-Cinema; love. The film is started with a boy who carries something under his arm and runs in snowy roads very fast which reminds Kiarostami’s “Homework” very soon. The boy runs to reach important news to somebody; to Nasi-Bench who was playing an act in a village. Nasi starts to walk after he finds out that video-player is not banned anymore. It is expected to see what he does after getting the news but the story carries us to some days before when he was sentenced to six month in prison because of video films. In prison, he becomes familiar with a dubber who gives him number of videos and in continue he changed to an actor who can act all small and big roles of the world of cinema. Way of Nasi Bench is love to cinema, love to people, love to dream and fiction. However, Rahmanian tries to show the history of evolution of cinema in the story of the film with adding some characters like Saba who plays an instrument, Ata who works in special Effects, and Meli who is the actress of Nasi’s films but it seems that he rides us on the horse of fiction to be like his hero; to love simple, to be simply kind and simply fall in love.