Art and Experience: The 26th edition of the “Love is Folly” International Film Festival in Bulgaria has screened four Iranian features.

The Iranian lineup includes ‘Mothering’ by Roqiyeh Tavakkoli, ‘Leaf of Life’ by Ebrahim Mokhtari, ‘The Villa Complex Residents’ (Villa Residents) by Monir Qeidi, and ‘Appendix’ by Hossein Namazi.

‘Mothering’ stars Nazanin Bayati, Hanieh Tavassoli, Houman Seyyedi, Maryam Boubani, and Melissa Zakeri.

It is about two sisters; one of them deserted her lover while in the case of the other girl, the scenario is the other way around.

Produced in 2017, ‘Leaf of Life’ stars Saeed Pour-Samimi, Mehdi Ahmadi, Maryam Moqaddam, Sajjad Tabesh, Sahar Salahshour and Mohammad-Reza Farzad.

It chronicles a true story that unfolds against the backdrop of Saffron harvest in a small Iranian town northwest of the country.

As a farmer is determined to earn enough money to purchase a landed property in the capital city of Tehran, real estate price hikes seem to thwart him.

‘The Villa Complex Residents’ depicts Iraq-imposed war on Iran in a unique way.

The movie, produced by Saeed Malekan, chronicles events facing wives of Iran army commanders at the time of the Iraq-Iran war.

‘Appendix’ depicts a social theme which narrates daily social events. The story occurs in a hospital; the particular location reminiscent of anxiety and stress, narrating problems in the society.

Due to severe abdominal pain, Zari and her husband, Reza, go to a hospital. However, Zari’s insurance ID has expired and they are forced to borrow her friend Leila’s ID.

Eventually, she undergoes appendectomy using Leila’s ID and the staff at the hospital suspect about this matter.

Due to this, they are forced to switch roles to convenience hospital staff that the ID belongs to Zari. However, many unfortunate events take place in the process.

The movie’s cast includes Anahita Nemati, Amir-Ali Danaei, Reza Akbarpour, Pardis Manouchehri and Marjan Momeni.

Launched in 1993, the “Love Is Folly” International Film Festival is a competitive event that features selected films produced during the last two years dealing with the subject of love.

Kicked off on August 24 in Varna, Bulgaria, the event’s 26th edition is slated to wrap up on September 2, 2018.

Source: ifilmtv