Art and Experience: Iranian film ‘Cold Breath’ directed and produced by Abbas Raziji will go on screen at the competition section of the London Independent Film Awards.

Cold Breath recounts the story of Maryam who has passed thirty. The woman was born as a girl, passed her puberty like a boy and in the way of love and subsistence she tried hard her every day just like a male.

The cast of the film includes Bita Badran as Maryam, Nader Naderpoor as Ghasem, Parichehr Riali as Nasrin, Majid Mozaffari as Dr. Mansour, Yasin Rasouli as Reza, Kimia Mollaee as Raha, and Ezzatollah Ramezanifar as baba Rahim.

London Independent Film Awards is a monthly competition with quarterly screenings, recognizing and awarding the work of independent filmmakers worldwide. Our aim is to give the directors, writers, animators, and actors involved a helpful step forward in their future careers.