Art and ExperienceFajr attendee ‘Living’ directed by Mehdi Ali Mirzaei has published an image featuring Fatemeh Motamed-Arya.

The unveiled image of the movie, that is to premiere at the ‘New Look’ section of Fajr Film Festival, pictures Motamed-Arya with tears in her eyes being dispirited.

It is said that the role portrayed by the ‘Passengers’ star in this new movie is totally different from her previous artistic creations.

The award-winning Iranian star has been in a number of ifilm series and movies such as ‘The Chef’, ‘The Wrong Guy’, ‘The Pastry Girl’, ‘Spouse’, ‘Joke’ and ‘Dear, I’m in no Mood’.

She grabbed the 2012 Henri Langlois award for her lifetime endeavors in the promotion of cinema and maintenance of professional cultural values.

“To God I swear, if you ask me about diner or what we are going to have tonight once more, I’ll hang myself here and right now, so you will forget all about food. No one dies of hunger?!”, a brief synopsis of the film reads.

Right now, the sound mixing and music production for ‘Living’ has wound up and the finalized version of the film will be submitted to the festival soon.

Besides Motamed-AryaHamed BehdadBaran Kosari and Javad Ezzati have played the main roles in this new cinematic flick.

Source: ifilmtv