Art and ExperienceThree-nation effort ‘Autumn Memories’ directed by Iranian filmmaker Ali Fakhr Mousavi, will have its ninth international screening at 2017 Lisbon International Film Festival in Portugal.

Jointly produced by Iran, Czech Republic and Ukraine, ‘Autumn Memories’ will enjoy its ninth international screening at the 2017 fall edition of Lisbon Film Festival, a quarterly online film festival meant to showcase innovative independent cinema from around the world by up-and-coming artists.

‘Autumn Memories’ is an anti-war love story about a girl whose family and home come under terrorist attacks. The girl goes through displacement, loss of eyesight and even loss of speech, but manages to find love and peace in another corner of the world among the people who have also been affected by war.

Ali Fakhr Mousavi’s feature has so far taken part in Torino Film Festival, Lake View Film Festival in Punjab, India, and Rivne International Film Festival ‘Dream City’ 2016 in Ukraine, among others. It has recently won the Best Feature Film Award at Kolkata film festival in India.

Source: mehrnews