Art and Experience: “Life Hanging”, co-directed by Hossein Amiri Dumari and Pedram Puramiri, won the special jury award at the Judiciary Screen Awards on Sunday.

The award was presented to the debut film for “giving a proper image of the uncontrolled anger that results in social harm,” the jury said in their statement.

The awards have been established by the Judiciary to honor a number of Iranian films that increase public awareness of law and criminal behavior and activities.

The awards ceremony was held at the Iranian Academy of Arts.

Moshen Tanabandeh’s directorial debut “Swear” received the best screenplay award for “its compelling story and profound effects.” The film, which has also been written by Tanabandeh, received an award for “giving a deep insight into a social issue.”

“6.5 for One Meter” by Saeid Rustai received an award for “its creative efforts to depict the horrible image of narcotics.”

Source: Tehran Times