Art and Experience:

 ‘Lerd’ (A Man of Integrity) by Mohammad Rassoulof has been selected to compete at the Film Festival Gent in Belgium.

The Iranian movie will be among 12 other films in the competition section of the 44th edition of the international festival, which will take place in the Belgium city of Gent from October 10-20.

‘Lerd’ tells the story of a goldfish farmer who is battling a commercial oppression in northern Iran.

The tense drama reflects powerful economic and political forces persecuting the farmer, who refuses to bribe his way out of trouble.

The movie had its first worldwide screening at the 70th Cannes Film Festival, going on to win the Un Certain Regard award at the French event.

‘Lerd’ is Rassoulof’s sixth feature film, of which he commented during the Cannes event, “International support has really helped all filmmakers and especially me, by stopping the pressure they were putting on us.”

Source: ifilmtv