Art and Experience: Tehran’s City Theater has been scheduled to play host to an event in commemoration of the late Iranian actor Davoud Rashidi on his birthday.

Rashidi’s widow Ehteram Boroumand said “We had anticipated to hold an exhibition of Rashidi’s works after his demise, but out of respect to the mourning months of Muharram and Safar (in Islamic lunar calendar), it did not happen.”

According to Boroumand the event will showcase a number of Rashidi’s professional properties, including posters, photos, statuettes, and hand scripts.

“We are going to open the exhibition on the occasion of his birthday in the City Theater,” she added.

The notable thespian Rashidi studied theater directing and acting in Geneva, Switzerland, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Rights from the University of Geneva.

His debut movie was ‘Escaping the Trap’. Besides acting, he worked in the field of film production. He achieved a First Grade Order of Art and Culture.

He played roles in several movies and TV shows, and also worked with great Iranian directors, including Ali Hatami, Davoud Mir Baqeri, Mehdi Fakhim Zadeh, Marzieh Boroumand and Behrouz Afkhami.

Rashidi has starred as Noman bin al-Bashir in the TV series ‘The Rise of Mokhtar’ and played the role of Priest Monsieur Alphonse in ‘The Pahlavi Hat’.

‘Hezar Dastan’, ‘Primrose Flower’, ‘A Place of Love’, ‘The Weary-Hearted’ and ‘The Chat’ are some of the TV series in which he has played roles.

He has also taken part in several movies, such as ‘ Kamal-ol-Molk’, ‘Lean on the Wind’, ‘Extreme Cold’ and ‘Ekbatan’.

He also acted in and directed a number of plays in recent years. His last appearance in Iranian cinema was in 2012 when he acted in Mehrshad Karkhani’s ‘Ekbatan’, while he also had a role in the ‘Kolah Pahlavi’ TV series, which was produced by Ziaeddin Dorri.

Born on July 16, 1933, the celebrated actor, who had long been housebound suffering from ailment, died at the age of 83 after suffering a heart attack on August 26.

The exhibition is slated for July 16 (his birthday) to August 27, 2017.

Source: ifilmtv