Art and Experience: “A modern and romance melodrama which narrates the life of a young couple. The husband suffers from cancer and he is passing his last days of his life. During these last days a struggle between his mother and his wife happened.” This year we should pass a strange experience in the festival. We should watch a film without the presence of its director. Iraj Karimi passed away after years of struggling with cancer and his last film which is about a patient suffering from cancer. Last winter he finally could bring his screenplay in front of camera. He was hospitalized for a new period of treatment after finishing his film.

Those who have watched “Half-Faces” counted it as the best and the most perfect film of Iraj Karimi. However, Karimi had the experience of making four films before “Half-Faces” and on the other hand, situation of the main character and his concerns is completely belonged to Karimi’s world. “Half-Faces” must be watched, while watching it is not easy and it will be hard if you watch it without attention to the stories behind it.

Writer and Director: Iraj Karimi, Director of Photography: Majid Gorjian, Edit: Maysam Molayi, Set Designer: Siamak Karinezhad, Costume Designer: Ra’na Amini, Sound: Iraj Shahzadi, Cast: Babak Hamidian, Sahar Dowlatshahi, Houman Seyedi, Amir Hossein Rostami, Sam Gharibian, Roya Nonahali, Baharan Bani Ahmadi, Shirin Esmaeeli, Producer: Ali Hazrati