Art and Experience: “Lanturi”, a social drama by Reza Dormishian, has won the Best Film Award at the 2nd Zurich Iranian Film Festival.

Starring Baran Kowsari and Milad Mohammadzadeh, the film is about a lower class young man who falls in love with a beautiful, upper class young woman. But after the woman refuses to marry the man, he pours acid over her in a vicious act of revenge.

Shahram Shah-Hosseini’s social drama “The Girl’s House” also won the Audience Award, while the jury honored “The Man Who Became a Horse” by Amir-Hossein Saqafi, the organizers have announced on the festival website.

“The Girl’s House” tells the bitter story of Samira, a girl who is found dead on the eve of her wedding ceremony, and the investigation into the cause of her suspicious death.

“The Man Who Became a Horse” is about a middle-aged man who conveys his wife to the hospital as a narrative comes to explore the extremely deranged state of the inner world of the man who is overwhelmed by self-pity.

Bernadette “Bernie” Meier, archivist at various TV and press archives for the Swiss Film Archive in Zurich, Robert M. Richter, Managing Director of Cinélibre (Swiss Association of Film Societies and Non Profit Cinemas), Olivia Heussler, a freelance photographer, Martin Girod, active in film programming and managing arthouse cinemas, along with Annette Scharnberg, working for «Kulturplatz» – Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen were the jury members of the feature film category.

The festival dedicated to covering striking aspects of immigration, integration and women’s issues ran in the Swiss city from May 26 to June 1.