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Iranian feature ‘Kulbarf’ directed by Milad Mansouri, won 4 awards at the Latin American Film Festival.

“Kulberf” has won the Best Director Award, the Best Film Award, Best Feature Film Actor and Best Feature Supporting Actor at the Latin American Film Festival.

The movie was nominated in 11 categories of the Latin American Film Festival: Best Feature Film Screenwriter (Milad Mansouri), Best Feature Film Director (Milad Mansouri), Best Feature Film Actor (Hossein Soleimani), Best Feature Film Cinematography (Mehdi Rezaei), and Best Feature Film Actress (Deniz Motevaseli), Best Feature Film editing (Emad Khodabakhsh), Best Feature Supporting Actor (Hossein Mehri), Best Feature Supporting Actress (Mahtab Servati), Best Feature Sound Design (Hossein Ghourchian) and Project design (Farhad Asgari, Maryam Mirbagheri, Mohammad Reza Mirbagheri).

“Kulberf” is the first feature film by Milad Mansouri, who was previously nominated for 6 awards at the Bulgarian Film Festival in his first international appearance.

The cast includes Hossein Soleimani, Hossein Mehri, Deniz Motevaseli, Mahtab Servati, Chia Babamiri, Ali Ferasati, Artin Amjadi, Payam Ahmadinia and Ali Ansarian.

Iran’s late actor Ali Ansarian was named Best Feature Film Actor and Mehdi Rezaei won the Best Feature Film Cinematography in Bulgaria’s V.i.Z. Film Fest for the film ‘Kulbarf’.

Source: Mehrnews