Art and Experience: Acclaimed 75 year old filmmaker of International Iran’s cinema, Abbas Kiarostami  will be hosting a 10-day workshop in Cuba.

This will be Kiarostami’s third “Workshop for Auteurs”for 35 students, each of whom will get the opportunity to make a short film mentored by the Iranian master.  The previous two were held in Bogota, Columbia and Barcelona, Spain, while the most recent one in Austria (to be co-taught by Michael Haneke) had to be cancelled due to the fact Kiarostami was shooting his new film in China. Here’s what applicants can expect if they’re expected to the latest one.

According Cristina Sanchez, who was a student in a Kiarostami-led workshop in Barcelona and is now helping produce the Cuban workshop through her Black Factory Cinema, the 75-year-old legend is a very hands-on mentor.

When Kiarostami arrives at the workshop’s host city, he spends the day walking around, learning about the nearby community and landscape. He then picks a theme for the workshop — in Barcelona it was the sea, in Bogota it was the university — and students then have 10 days to write, shoot and edit a film based on the chosen theme.

“He instructs students to spend the day walking around with that theme in mind and to come up with an idea for a film,” Sanchez told. “Then in the evening everyone gathers in a circle and starts sharing their ideas. Kiarostami listens one-by-one and gives feedback.”

Back in 2014, Kiarostami wrote a letter to author Gabriel García Márquez expressing a deep admiration and desire to collaborate. The Nobel Prize winner for Literature never replied and died three weeks after the letter was sent. With January’s workshop, Kiarostami will pay tribute to the Márquez by going the film school the famed author co-founded, The International Film School of San Antonio de los Baños (also know as EICTV), which is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

The workshops will be held from January 26th to February 5th and applications are due December 7th. Participants will find out if they got accepted on December 14.