Art and Experience: Screenwriter Kashayar Alvand, whose writings made the happiest moments for Iranian viewers for over 15 years with popular comedy series such as “Noqtechin”, “Barareh Nights” and “Paytakht”, died of a heart attack at his home in Tehran on Thursday. He was 51.

Alvand’s death was announced by actors Parviz Parastui and Borzu Arjmand in Instagram posts.

“Paytakht” producer Elham Ghafuri also confirmed the news in her interview with the Persian service of MNA.

“He was always smiling and was a man of good morals,” said Ghafuri who collaborated with Alvand for about ten years in four sequels to her popular TV series.

“None of the ‘Paytakht’ crew members can believe his death… we don’t know what we should do without him,” she added.

In his last interview published by MNA last Wednesday, just one day before his death, Alvand said that he was brushing up on a single episode of “Paytakht” that is scheduled to be prepared for broadcast on the eve of Noruz, the Iranian New Year celebration.

“The Intruder” was one of the few dramas Alvand wrote in 2001 and was directed by his brother Sirus Alvand. “Comedy is not my main concern,” he once said in an interview. “Several of my early scripts were not comedies.”

His career in comedy began with his collaboration on director Mehran Modiri’s TV blockbuster “Noqtechin” in 2003. The cooperation with comedy king Modiri went on with the TV series “Barareh Nights” and “A Man with a Thousand Faces”. He also wrote “Bitter Coffee”, a series Modiri directed for home video network.

The close ties were cut after Modiri ignored Alvand’s contributions in the titles for his feature-length “5 P.M.” and talk show “Dorehami”.

He also collaborated in comedy series “Made in Iran” by Mohammad-Hossein Latifi, “The Travelers” by Rambod Javan and “Neighboring” by Saman Moqaddam.

Alvand’s brilliant career in comedy earned him an elite status in this genre.

He was at the zenith of his career in 2010 when he began working with director Sirus Moqaddam in the TV comedy drama “Paytakht” about Naqi Mamuli and his family from Aliabad that faces problems following their migration to Tehran.

Widespread popular acclaim for the series inspired Moqaddam and his cast and crew to make four seasons of the serial. Due to Alvand’s untimely death, the single episode in the series turned out to be his swan song.

Alvand is survived by his wife and a six-year-old daughter.

Source: Tehran Times