Art and Experience: The Sanati Museum of Contemporary Art in Kerman is planning to showcase world-renowned Iranian art icon Abbas Kiarostami’s photo series “A Window to the Life”.

A weeklong exhibition, which will open on January 5, will put 40 photos from the collection on display, the museum announced on Sunday.

Windows are the central theme of the series, part of which was put on display in an exhibit at Tehran’s Boom Gallery in memory of the auteur, poet and photographer, who passed away in July 2016 at the age of 76.

“I first began with these windows, some of them were situated in a beautiful wall, and my camera gradually began to distance from the windows and moved toward the walls and ‘The Wall’ series appeared. The walls belong to the entire world but each one belongs to a specific place,” Kiarostami had said about his series “A Window to the Life”.

Kiarostami also created the photo series “Snow White”, “Roads”, “Moonlight”, “Doors without Keys” and “Doors and Memories”.

Once Kiarostami had said, “Why are we always trying to define cinema separately from photography and music. They are connected, they mingle and they are interwoven. Why do we like to have something very specific and defined? If that were the case, then the person who likes cinema shouldn’t go to the gallery or vice versa. We have to have them all together.”

He had asked his fans to look at his photos if they want to learn about his professional life. “Find me in my photos,” he had once said, “My photos are the source of inspiration for all my films.”