Art and Experience: Kashan is the newest city which has been added to Art and Experience cinematic group. Bahman cinema of Kashan is one of the hosts for review sessions of screened movies in Art and Experience. “316” by Peyman Haghani is going to be reviewed in Kashan.

On Sunday 6th of December , the movie “316” will be shown for audiences at 6 PM and after that the movie review session will start with the attendance of Peyman Haghani as the director and Hesam Maghamikia as the critic.

316 is about the life of a woman and tells the story of her birth to her death, her memories of her life and her country. the story of 63 years of living which mostly is telling by the shoes and foots of the characters of the film. In a movie which none of the characters can be seen and is one of the firsts in its kind we come across with the scenes of war, revolution, hope, life and death. A movie which we has to imagine the face of each character ourselves. A movie with funny, sad and weird stories.