Art and Experience: Iranian director Abdorreza Kahani has recently completed his new film “Free like Air” in Toronto, Canada.

Filming for the movie, one of the biggest film projects in Canada by an Iranian crew, began on November 7 and was completed on December 22, the Persian service of ISNA reported on Tuesday.

Famous Iranian comedian Reza Attaran, French actress Ophelie Bau and English actor Finnegan Oldfield are the main members of the cast.

Amir Ganjavi and Majid Qalamshahi are the producers of the film, which is in the English and French languages.

Kahani’s films have been acclaimed in several Iranian and international events. However, his previous film “Delighted” has not been authorized by Iranian cultural officials so far.

Photo: Abdorreza Kahani (L) directs Reza Attaran in a scene from “Free like Air”.

Source: Tehran Times