Art and Experience: While John Carpenter’s “The Thing” features an iconic theme song, written by Ennio Morricone, what you might not know is that much of the material that the legendary composer penned for the movie didn’t wind up in the film. The music still exists on a now out-of-print soundtrack release, but it has technically never been used in an actual movie. Until now. Quentin Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight” marks his first movie to feature a commissioned score by none other than Morricone himself — but pressed for time to get it done, the composer and director came up with a clever shortcut to round out the soundtrack.

Tarantino reveals that Morricone explained to him, “…’I wrote a whole orchestra score [for ‘The Thing’], and I wrote a whole synthesizer score, because I knew that was what [John Carpenter] was used to, and I gave him everything, and the only thing he used in the entire movie was the synthesizer main title [track].’ So basically, if you stay away from the synthesizer main title, all that music that’s on the soundtrack album has never been used in a movie ever. So, he goes, ‘What I can do, is I’ll write the theme…and with the other ‘Thing’ pieces of music, now you have your original score that’s never been used in a movie before.’ ”

The Hateful eight started screening since 8 December and not to mention “The Thing” was on screen of Art and Experience before.