Art and Experience: Actress Jessica Chastain is currently promoting her new film “Miss Sloane,” about a ruthless D.C. lobbyist who takes on the gun lobby. She recently gave a career-spanning interview with The Huffington Post where she revealed that she hasn’t seen Terrence Malick’s 2011 film “The Tree of Life” since it premiered because it’s too emotional for her. “It was the high point of my life,” says the Oscar-nominated actress.

“The Tree of Life” chronicles the childhood of an existentially adrift middle-aged man in 1960’s Texas interspersed with the story of the creation of the universe. Chastain plays matriarch Mrs. O’Brien, the gentle figure who preaches joy and wonder, in opposition to the more stricter hand of her husband, played by Brad Pitt.

When asked why it makes her emotional, Chastain said that she “was playing a character who was the embodiment of love, so every day was just filled with so much joy.”

“I was meditating on expanding my heart space and living with an open heart,” she says. “Of course it affects you and how you treat other people. I loved those little boys so much, and I loved Terry so much. Watching the movie and seeing Mrs. O’Brien running through the streets with those little boys, I remember how wonderful it was. I’m heartsick for it.”

“Miss Sloane” enters limited release this weekend and will open nationwide on December 9 from EuropaCorp.