Art and ExperienceKim Nguyen is a celebrated filmmaker, but one whose achievements are mostly known on the arthouse circuit. If you’re a cinephile familiar with the Canadian director, then you’ll likely have heard of “War Witch” and his most recent effort, “Two Lovers And A Bear.” But now the director is going a bit more mainstream with tech thriller “The Hummingbird Project.”

Jesse Eisenberg and Alexander Skarsgard will star in the movie that will tell the scintillating saga behind… building a fiber optic cable. Wait, it gets more interesting, believe me. The story will revolve around cousins who roll up their sleeves and work in the world of High Frequency Trading (essentially, stock trading on steroids) with the pair eager to make a hyperlink between Kansas and New Jersey, that would presumably give them an edge over their competitors by increasing their speed. The only thing standing in their way is a psychopathic trader.

Okay, so this might not be the most broadly appealing material, but it’s the sort of nerdy/pulpy fare I gravitate toward, so at the very least, I’m interested. The pieces are coming together, and production will begin in Montreal this fall. Until then, Nguyen will be busy putting the finishing touches on his next movie, the military drone operator drama/romance “Eye On Juliet,” which I assume will premiere at Venice or TIFF later this year. [Deadline]

Source: theplaylist