Art and Experience: “Being A Writer” documentary is a portrait about Jalal Aal Ahmad who is one of the most famous Iranian contemporary writers. It seems that the name of the film has a special attitude to the main subject who is its main character too Jalal who has arisen many different interpretations from his work especially after Islamic revolution of Iran and he has been judged in completely two differents poles, so his being a writer –as his main characteristic- has been put under the shadow of various political parties and groups. In this documentary, we also see these duality and ambiguity about the character of Jalal Aal Ahmad too. For example, words of Ali Dehbashi and Abbas Baharloo is an attempt to depoliticize his character not in this meaning of negation or deny of all of his political and social concerns but in order to colorize his artistic and being a writer aspect which it seems it’s neglected or at least it was lessened. However, it doesn’t mean that the main task of the documentary is on writing aspect of Jalal, but it tries to portray different dimensions and aspects of his character and his life like his social-political activities. Even the director doesn’t give us a unified image of Jalal to us and he tries to select different characters and icons with different ideas among Jalal’s friends, or critics and literary men with even antithetical attitudes about him and put all together in his narrative. The documentary is one of the most comprehensive works about Jalal Aal Ahmad, his life and his works which suffers just from lack of one thing; an interview with Simin Daneshvar! Although his being a writer is in all the background. The film has different chapters from his birth to his death and it cut in several important ideologicalhistorical periods of his life and in these parts, the film decoding a character from his personality. Maybe, one of the most attractive chapter of the film is his familiarity with Simin Daneshvar and their marriage also their big differences in thoughts and profession who are both two of our great contemporary writers. Moreover, “Being A Writer” has a good rhythm by using number of interviews, photos, videos, so, it can be a good source for the literature lovers.