Art and Experience: The third episode of the video-theater series “8 1/2 Theater Clips: How the Pandemic Changed our Lives” premiered at the residence of Italian Ambassador Giuseppe Perrone in northern Tehran on Wednesday evening.

Starring Nicola Pianzola and Danial Kheirikhah, the episode “The Notes of Absence” has been directed by Anna Dora Dorno in collaboration with Iranian director Ali Shams.

This part immerses the viewer in the sense of loneliness and isolation generated by the long months of the COVID-19 pandemic. The restlessness and the sense of loss arising from it are swept away by the music, whose saving power creates an indissoluble bond not only between the artist and the public, but also between ordinary people, so powerful as to deceive the space-time coordinates and reach beyond completely arbitrary borders, symbolized by an open window on the world.

Riccardo Nanni’s inspired original composition allows the music to become the undisputed protagonist of the episode.

During the evening, the second episode “The Night Shift”. It is a tribute to the health workers who in Italy and Iran have fought and continue to be at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.

“The Notes of Absence” along with “The Night Shift” are available on the social media channels of the Italian Embassy in Tehran.

The fourth of the eight-episode series will be presented on October 21.

Source: Tehrantimes