Art and Experience:  Iranian feature movie ‘Dayan’, directed by Behrouz Nooranipour, will go on screen at Italy’s Tertio Millennio Film Fest and India’s Chennai International Film Festival.

‘Dayan’ is Nouranipour’s first feature film after his documentary film, ‘A157’, focusing on future of war-people who live in a village, trying hard for a better future and people who have experienced war.

The flick is a product of Hoze Honari and narrates the future of a war; people who live in a village and try hard for a better future. The people who have experienced war.

‘Dayan’ is the story of the captivity of nearly four thousand female refugees who during the war never managed to join their families across the border, and were forced to choose and decide at the height of crisis

‘Dayan’ was premiered at the competition section of 29th Singapore Film Festival and Nasser Babaeian won the best actor award at the 15th International Resistance Film Festival.

The Chennai International Film Festival (CIFF) is a festival organised in the city of Chennai, India, by a film society, the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation (ICAF), providing a common platform for the film fraternity to show its expression through films; understanding other cultures and project the excellence of this art form; contribute to the understanding and appreciation of film cultures of the different nations in the context of the social and cultural ethos; and promote friendship and co-operation among peoples of the world.

The Tertio Millennio Film Fest is an event held every year in December in Rome.

Source: Mehrnews