Art and Experience: Italian International Independent Permanent Memories Festival (IIPMF) will play 2 Iranian short films.

The independent Festival of Permanent Memories has selected two Iranian short films to be played in this year’s event.

The two Iranian films which are going to be played at this festival are ‘Baran’ (The Rain) directed by Mohammad Javad Salehi and  ‘Balhayash’ (Her Wings) by Kaveh Marhemati .

Ali Ashouri one of the managers of the Cinema Solh has said that  ‘Baran’ (The Rain) by Salehi has already been played in three US festivals but  ‘Balhayash’ (Her Wings) by Kaveh Marhemati is the first time that takes part in an international festival.

“The aim of the Permanent Memories Festival is to appreciate independent film-makers. The festival seeks to introduce selected films to Hollywood companies to pave the way for playing more internationally independent films” Ali Ashouri said.

Ashouri believes that the two Iranian short films have the capacity to be played in more international festivals and can best represent Iran’s short film cinema in international competitions.