Art and Experience: Italian documentarian Gianfranco Pannone has said that he knows Iranian cinema well and loves Iranian culture and cinema.

He made remarks during a meeting at the 12th Cinema Verite festival in Tehran on Saturday.

Pannone was in Tehran over the past few days to promote his latest documentary “Mondo Za” at the documentary film festival and also to hold a workshop during the event.

“Although I have never been to Iran, I know it very well through the Iranian films I have seen. I love Iranian culture, music and cinema,” he stated.

“I introduce the celebrated Iranian filmmakers like Abbas Kiarostami and Asghar Farhadi to my students. I adore Kiarostami’s point of view. I believe his film “Close-Up”, without a doubt, is one of the five world’s best films ever,” Pannone said.

“I also admire Farhadi, who depicts middle-class families in his movies and puts the spotlight on women. He is a really modern director,” he concluded.

The 12th edition of Cinema Verite, Iran’s major documentary film festival, will come to an end at Tehran’s Andisheh Hall tonight.

Source: Tehran Times