Art and Experience: Cast and crew meeting event of “Is Asleep the Butterfly” directed by Mazdak Mirabedini will be held on Saturday 7 May in Cinema Museum.

Following the previous cast and crew meetings of Art and Experience, the movie’s poster will be signed by the cast and crew of the film and the guests at 8:30 PM and after short talks of Mazdak Mirabedini and the crew the “Is Asleep the Butterfly” movie will be on screen for audiences at 9 PM.

The Story of “Is Asleep the Butterfly” is about a psychologist who have to choose one of his patients for curing but he is not sure who to choose. Mazdak Mirabedini, himself play the leading role and other stars are Mehran Ahmadi, Forough Ghejabegli, Sanaz Bayan, Reza Mortazavi, Masoud Mazloumi, Shaghayegh Ahmadi, Sanaz Ghotb, Kazem Siahi, Nastaran Peykano and Mina Mirabedini.