Art and Experience: Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) will air four comedy TV series during the Noruz holiday beginning on March 20.

The sixth season of the popular TV series “Paytakht” by director Sirus Moqaddam will be aired on Channel 1 every night.

The TV comedy drama “Paytakht” began with Naqi Mamuli and his family from Aliabad that faced problems following their migration to Tehran.

“Paytakht 6” begins with the death of Naqi’s father, Baba Panjali, and continues with the return of his sister’s husband Behbud Fariba from Africa.

“Truck” by Masud Atyabai is a comedy to be aired on channel 2. It centers on a veteran footballer who is working as a truck driver. He visits three university students who have a problem with their landlord when they are not able to afford the rent on their own.

Channel 3 will show “Doping” by Reza Maqsudi. The comedy centers on two separate individuals.

“Shortcut” by Yazdan Fotuhi will also be aired on channel 5. The series is about clashes among several families living in a building.

Source: Tehrantimes