Art and Experience: Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) has prepared listings of comedy series to help alleviate stress and worries in society due to the new coronavirus outbreak in the country.

The TV series, previously aired on different channels, include “Homeless Man” directed by Reza Attaran, “Life Is Amazing” by Mojtaba Cheraghali and “A Man with a Thousand Faces” by Mehran Modiri.

“Samu Bandari”, a mini-series by Ebrahim Foruzesh, is also included, IRIB announced on Wednesday.

In addition, a lineup of children’s programs has been arranged to entertain schoolchildren who are forced to stay at home in light of the latest spread of the novel coronavirus.

Moreover, several educational programs on basic protective measures against the new coronavirus are due to be aired.

The programs produced by world organizations teach how to protect against the disease, what the symptoms of the disease are, how to protect against it, what people must know about the disease, and what to do if an individual is infected.

Source: Tehrantimes