Art and Experience: “Unfortunately” by Iranian filmmaker Shahrokh Dolkou has been accepted for the 2016 Cannes Film Festival’s short film corner.

According to Mehr News, Since the competition section of Cannes Short Film Festival only accepts films no longer than 15 minutes, other productions longer than this time limit can be submitted in the non-competition section of the festival, called Short Film Corner. Shahrokh Dolkou’s ‘Unfortunately’ which exceeds the 15-minute time limit will feature in the short film corner at Cannes and will not compete for a prize. Dolkou’s film is the first Iranian film production that has ever been accepted for this section of the festival. ‘Unfortunaltey’ has been produced based on a film script by Mohammad Toloui and Shahrokh Dolkou and features Atila Pesyani and Elham Korda as the main characters. The 26-mintue long film has been also accepted for the completion section of Asian New Force in the 21st edition of Incubator for Film and Visual media in Asia (IFVA) to be held in February-March 2016 in Hong Kong. Cannes Film festival 2016 will be held in the French city of Cannes from May 16 to 22.