Art and Experience: Short animated piece ‘Stripy’ directed by Babak and Behnoud Nekooei will be displayed at Social Machinery Film Festival in Italy.

Stripy is among the 72 works found their way to the finals of Social Machinery Film Festival due on July 29-31 in Italy.

Produced by 2D technique and in 3:35 minutes, the animated piece designed in the tradition of Walt Disney’s classic films. It depicts the life of a simple worker who rises in opposition to the monotonous pattern of the modern life leaning heavily toward a capitalist agenda by trying to challenge the norm and turning the repetitive black stripes on boxes into exciting red curves.

So far, the animated movie have been participated in different international film festivals, including The Amination Show of shows, and important events in Colombia, Bulgaria, the US and Australia.

It will also take part in Maryland Film Festival, International Children and Teenagers Film Festival, Chicago Film Festival, San Francisco Film Society and etc.

The Social Machinery Film Festival is focused on the celebration, promotion and advancement of audio visual & filmmaking talent.