Art and ExperienceThe Special Jury Prize at the São Paulo International Film Festival was granted to ‘Maat’ by Saba Kazemi.

Experiencing its first international presence, Iranian feature movie Maat won the Special Jury Prize, known as Special Award Abbas Kiarostami, at Brazilian event.

Special Award Abbas Kiarostami has recently been added to São Paulo International Film Festival’s awards granted to the films that expand classic storytelling into experimental filmmaking.

Maat is a docu-fiction based on the plight of families from different towns, suffering financial problems after the sanctions imposed by US and Europe against Iran.

In addition to being the first Iranian film winning the prestigious award of Abbas Kiarostami, Maat also received Audience Award at the festival held on October 20 to November 2.

The São Paulo International Film Festival, also known internationally as Mostra, is an annual film festival held in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.