Art and ExperienceMasoud Madadi’s ‘Gita’ will be screened in competitive section of the 3rd Culver City Film Festival in California.

Gita, which has a motherhood story, will go on screen on December 3 in ArchLight Culver City.

A product of the Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC) and produced by Majid Sheikhansari, Gita relates the life of the eponymous character and her husband Amir. Struck by the nostalgia for her son, who is not in Iran, Gita experiences difficulties which life poses on the family, unexpected and tortuous as to hit their halcyon days with tumult.

Gita was screened in the 34th Fajr Film Festival last February and is the first long cinematic work by Madadi who coauthored with Mitra Teimourian the screenplay.

The Culver City Film Festival is designed to promote independent film and to recognize local talent in a city celebrated for its cinematic history and cultural depth. The organization is run by Festival Director, Jon Gursha, Program Director, Peter Greene, Marketing Director, Eric Vollweiler and Artistic Director Bill Wynn. The festival is operated by Film Marketing Services Inc.