Art and Experience:

 Iranian director Mohsen Rezapur’s short animated film “Eaten” has garnered the Children’s Prize at the Black Movie International Independent Film Festival in Geneva, Switzerland.

This prize, awarded by a jury of 7-9-year-olds, goes to one of the Tour du Monde films. Screening and judging are preceded by a short training session designed to help the young jury members better understand and evaluate the works they see.

The story of “Eaten” is set on a mysterious, unknown planet, where a rabbit-like creature is eaten by a wolf. It meets another rabbit-like creature in the wolf’s stomach and they begin a new life with each other, but that’s not the end of the story.

The film has been screened in numerous international festivals. It won an honorable mention at the 26th Golden Beggar International Film Festival in Slovakia in 2020.

Rezapur received the special jury award for “Eaten” at the 11th Tehran International Animation Festival in Tehran in 2019.

“Entre Perro y Lobo” by Irene Gutiérrez from Cuba won the Critics’ Prize at the Black Movie festival, while the Young Adults’ Prize went to “Acasa, My Home” by Radu Ciorniciuc from Romania.

The Black Movie for Kids Payot Prize was presented to “Meow or Never” by Neeraja Raj from India, and “El Otro” by Francisco Bermejo received the Volunteers’ Prize.

“Alebrijes” by Luis Salas from Colombia won a special mention.

Source: Tehrantimes