Art and ExperienceIranian animation ‘Chimney Man’, directed by Meqdad Akhavan, has been set to take part at the competition section of the Rome Independent Film Festival (RIFF), scheduled to be held next month.

‘Chimney Man’ addresses air pollution and talks about a man who has been sincerely working for years in cleaning chimneys and passing into the long pipes of factories to remove obstructions lingering there in order to allow air to cross.

Once, while he was working and exhausted, a wheat branch passes through one of the valves and fall in front of his eyes and subsequently disturbs his mind and life, a synopsis of the animation wrote.

Since then, the man has thought about the wheat branch round-the-clock and reviewed his memories, according to the plot summary.

Hamed Hossein-Zadeh voice act in the animation which is produced by Maryam Zamani-Allahdad and written by Akhavan.

The 17th edition of the RIFF is set to kick off on November 16 in Italy’s capital and run until November 23.

Source: ifilmtv