Art and Experience: Iranian documentary play ‘Bleach’ will go on screen in Toronto and Montreal.

Written by Mehdi Koushki, a member of Leev Theater Group, Bleach recounts a true story on crime.

Co-directed by Mehdi Koushki and Sahra Fathi, the play will go on stage on April 23 and 29 in Toronto and Montreal, at the invitation of the two Canadian cities’ officials, after being performed in Iran.

Mahnaz Afshar, Sahar Dolatshahi, Leili Rashidi and Navid Mohammadzadeh star in it, with Zaniar Khosrawi producing exit music for the play.

Bleach illustrates a criminal incident in which the crime is a cause and is handled as a material. The play raises the topic introducing the environment and simple social concerns.

Bleach is the colorless picture of documented events on economic problems, crimes, and horrible events happening a lot in today’s society.