Art and Experience: Four Iranian short films will be competing in the Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival, which will be held in the American city from July 26 to 28.

The movies are “Foruzan” by Mir Abbas Khosravinejad, “Limit” by Javad Darai, “Mr. Director” by Ali Erfan-Farhadi and “Manicure” by Arman Fayyaz, the organizers have announced.

A single mother has a frightening night alone in her home in “Foruzan”.

“Limit” tells the story of a desperate man who frantically pleads with strangers to accompany him to his home, without being clear on his intentions.

In “Mr. Director”, a ten-year-old boy named Sina directs his first movie in an unorthodox manner.

“Manicure” is about a young man who tries to prevent the village from finding out a secret that will destroy his life and his wife’s legacy after her suicide.

Filmmakers from different countries, including America, Ethiopia, Sweden, Latvia, Morocco, Spain and France, will attend the festival.

Source: Tehran Times