Art and Experience: The International Short Film Festival “IndieCrete” will host two Iranian short films ‘Withdrawn’ by Alireza Mahmoudzadeh and Azadeh Ghechagh’s ‘Sormeh’.

The event which is an open air festival for films with maximum duration of 30 minutes, will take place in Archanes of Greece on August 19-21.

Withdrawn narrates the story of a family who have a 7-year old girl with autism, and the challenges they face with the disease.

Sormeh depicts the time during The Iran’s 1979 revolution, when an Iranian family wants to go to a marriage ceremony, in making ready for the party, the woman decides to go to her friend to get Sormeh (an Iranian style eyeliner), however, in the house door she faces a runaway rebel.

In the competition section of the festival, 35 short films are present. Films from Spain, Sweden, France, Ireland, America, the Philippines, Denmark, Russia, Germany, China and Greece are among the participants at the Greek event.