Art and ExperienceIranian director Salem Salavati’s short film ‘Pale Mirrors’ and short documentary film ‘Meeting With the Leaf’ by Fazlollah Tari will go on screen at Texas and Canada film festivals.

Pale Mirrors will be showcased at Lake Champlain International Film Festival in Canada due on November 16-20, and Meeting With the Leaf at 9th edition of the Austin Asian American Film Festival (AAAFF) in Texas, due on November 3-6.

The documentary Meeting With the Leaf is about an old lady who believes that his husband’s soul has incarnated in the tree next to his grave.

Earlier, the movie won the Audience Choice Award for Most Popular Film at Moondance International Film Festival in US.

Pale Mirrors tells the story of a woman who has only 24 hours to be pregnant. This might be her last chance to be a mother but her vague future has made her confused.