Art and Experience‘Narges’s Voice’ has been set to represent Iran at the Short Film Festival of Social Diversity in Mexico.

Directed and written by Hadi Rahbar, ‘Narges’s Voice’ will be screened at the 7th edition of the Mexican event, Iranian Youth Cinema Society (IYCS) announced.

The film is about a girl who wants to call the Adhan (Islamic call to prayer) from a mosque before reaching the age of accountability, also known as the age of Takleef, at which the child starts praying.

The cast of ‘Narges’s Voice’ includes Sahel Piralou, Hossein Ebrahimi, Reza Mozaffari and Maryam Mousavi.

The seventh edition of the Mexican event will kick off on November 13 and is set to run until 17 of the same month.

Source: ifilmtv