Art and Experience: A lineup of Iranian movies will be screened at several international events this month and during November.

“Mina’s Option” by Kamal Tabrizi is scheduled to compete in the International Historical and Military Film Festival, which will be held in the Polish capital of Warsaw from October 23 to 27.

Starring Milad Keymaram and Mina Sadati, “Mina’s Option” is about the happy marriage of Mina and Mehran, which falls apart in the wake of mistrust and finally infidelity.

The Anatomy Crime and Horror International Film Festival, which will be held in Athens, Greece from October 29 to November 5, will screen five movies from Iranian filmmakers.

The films are “Self…less”, “Trace” and “Mate”, all three by Mashhud Mohsenian, “The Servant” by Farnush Abedi and “Limit” by Javad Darai.

Source: Tehrantimes