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Three Iranian movies have received nominations at the Love International Film Festival, which is organized in Santa Monica, California in the U.S. every year.

“Endless Night” by Hamid Tamjidi and “Goodbye Shirazi Girl” by Afshin Hashemi have been nominated for the award for best feature-length film, and “The Game of Life” by Hamid Araqi is competing for the award for best foreign short.

“Endless Night” tells the story of a couple who have problems in their marriage. The man wants to get a second wife but she becomes aware of this and goes and tells the second woman about the truth. This brings more trouble for all of them.

Tamjidi, who also plays a leading role in the drama, has been nominated for the award for best actor, and Nelly Minassian is also contending for the award for best actress for her role in the film.

Nasser Gitijah also received a nomination in the supporting actor category. He died in 2014 at the age of 79.

In addition, Fatemeh Taheri was nominated for the supporting actress award for her role in the film.

Starring Hashemi and Shabnam Moqaddami, “Goodbye Shirazi Girl” is based on Neil Simon’s “Goodbye Girl”.

It is a romantic story of Nasim who is from Abadan and Shabnam, a widow who lives with her girl. When they both rent the same house they have to deal with each other until they find a solution.

Hashemi has also received a nomination in the best actor category for his portrayal of Nasim, while Moqaddami was nominated for the best actress award.

Both Tamjidi and Hashemi have also been nominated for the best director award for their films. The movies also are contending for awards in the categories of best cinematography and best score.

“Endless Night” co-written by Maryam Bakhtiar and Tamjidi and “Goodbye Shirazi Girl” written by Hashemi have been nominated in the best screenplay section.

“The Game of Life” is about a young doctor who finds his own father in a hospital bed.

Winners will be announced on September 14.

Source: Tehrantimes