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 Four Iranian movies will be competing in the 16th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival, which will be held in the Russian town of Kazan from September 5 to 10.

“Sami” co-directed by Habib Bavisajed and Meqdad Torfeh, “The Dolls Game” by Mehdi Mahaei, “Kal Fatemeh” by Mehdi Zamanpur and “Parizad” by Mehdi Imani Shahmiri will be screened in various categories of the festival.

The Arabic-language drama “Sami” will compete in the full-length feature films category, which also features nine other movies from Russia, Bulgaria, Turkey, France and several other countries.

The story of the film is set in Khuzestan Province with a large population of people speaking in Arabic. The film shows a man’s love for his wife who died twenty years ago, however, the man cannot accept the fact yet.

“The Dolls Game” is about a clown who works in an amusement park in Iran, and is trying to collect his salary from his employer to pay for a lawyer. He wants to get his daughter back!

This film is an entry to the short film competition, while “Kal Fatemeh” will compete in the full-length documentary section.

The documentary is about Kal Fatemeh, an elderly woman who lives with her two sons on a farm away from a village. Her family faces major challenges as a result of living on the farm.

The short documentary “Parizad” is about Aunt Keshvar, a lonely rural woman who weaves an unknown and nearly forgotten fabric named “Geleej”. She shares information about the role of Geleej in the daily life of the villagers and legends around his homeland.

A jury of well-known professionals, including filmmakers, cameramen and film critics from all over the world will judge the movies at the festival, which is organized with the motto “To the dialogue of cultures through the culture of dialogue.”

Source: Mehrnews