Art and ExperienceThe international section of Ammar Popular Film Festival has hosted a ceremony to honor renowned Chilean anti-coup filmmaker Miguel Littin.

Dubbed as the Iranian-Latin American Revolutionary Arts Union on August 30 and held in the Iranian capital of Tehran, the ceremony was organized by Veteran Islamic Revolution director Nader Talebzadeh.

Talebzadeh, who is also secretary the Ammar Popular Film Festival (APFF Int’l), expressed satisfaction over separation of the international section of APFF from its main section; “I am happy that APFF has entered a new stage in its development,” he said. “Globalization of the Islamic Revolution began right from the day of its victory and I can clearly remember what was going on in the world before and after the Revolution,” he added.

Talebzadeh also hailed participation by veteran Chilean anti-coup filmmaker Miguel Littin in the ceremony, saying the collection of Mr. Littin’s works provided testimony for his contribution to anti-imperialist campaign. He also said although Littin was the first outstanding international figure to attend APFF, and he would not be the last one and other figures would be invited to the festival in the future.

Later in the ceremony, Talebzadeh and Littin honored Masoud Jafari Jozani, renowned Islamic Revolutionary filmmaker, for his production “Stone Lion,” Hossein Zandbaf for production of “The Hand of Devil” and Behrouz Afkhami for “The Devil’s Day. “Littin, Talebzadeh, Afkhami, Jozani, Zandbaf and Ezzatollah Motahhari signed a covenant as the linkage of Iran and Latin America’s Revolution arts.

After receiving honorary statutes and gifts at the ceremony, Mittin took the podium; “I waited many years until I was finally honored to visit Iran and speak my words deeply from my heart,” he said.

“I have read and seen a lot about Iran and about the Islamic Revolution and have been well-informed about the way the revolution became victorious; Iranian cinema is undoubtedly an extraordinary cinema but has not been properly presented in the world,” Littin asserted. “I was not honored to visit the Iranian people and streets and families for a long time, but my visit will be one of my unforgettable memories ever… I shall never forget the kind looks on the face of Iranian people.”

The Chilean director further said Martyr Rajaei and Allende, both former presidents of Iran and Chile, were martyred, saying the both of them can be regarded as favorable role models for the youth.

“These two figures can inspire movies and can link the two countries together and open up dialogue between them,” Littin concluded.